Scrappy Clips

The best way to connect your bricks is with alligator clips. They are flexible and if attached correctly (use the teeth of each clip) they make a tight connection. Unfortunately they can be expensive, especially if you're building Scrappy Circuits with a large group. Here are some different alternatives that we call Scrappy Clips. Each learner should be building at least three Scrappy Clips so they can connect the LED, battery, and a switch. For the Core Bricks, the most you will ever need is five, if you want to connect all of your switches together. Three to five alligator clips (if bought in bulk) will cost between two or three dollars.

Aluminium Foil Scrappy Clips

Parts Needed:

    • 2 small paper clips (per Scrappy Clip)
    • Aluminum foil


    1. Roll out a piece of aluminium foil that is slightly longer than the length you want your clip to be. We recommend about one foot.
    2. Cut the aluminium foil in half the long way. This piece can be used to make 2 Scrappy Clips.
    3. You can either decide to roll the tin foil or fold in repeatedly around something thin like a coffee stirrer.
    4. Wrap the end of the aluminum foil around the short single-loop end of the paper clip. Give each wrapped end a good squeeze to make sure the connection is tight.
    5. Repeat on the other side.

Optional Insulation:

Since your Scrappy Clip is made out of paper clips and tinfoil, it can conduct electricity through the middle of the wire as well as each end. If your Scrappy Clip touches another Scrappy Clip, the electricity will pass and possibly cause your circuit not to work. Here are two ways to insulate your Scrappy Clip. You can wrap the wire in tape. Another option is to paint each wire with cheap nail polish from the dollar store. It will probably need two coats.

Craft/Bead Wire Scrappy Clips

Parts Needed:

    • 2 small paper clips
    • craft wire
    • tape or nail polish


    1. Cut some craft wire to the desired length (about one foot is preferred).
    2. Twist the end of each wire to the single-loop end of your paper clips. Make sure this is a tight and close connection. Be careful: the end of the cut craft wire might be sharp!
    3. Cover the craft wire and twists in tape or paint them with nail polish.
    4. Fold tape over to cover both sides.

Recycled Wire Scrappy Clip

Search around your home for some scrap wire. Some wires contain a few smaller wires inside. Each wire probably is insulated (wrapped) in a different color. Careful cut the larger insulating coat and try and separate the inner wires (with their colored insulation). They might be hard to separate, but each individual wire can be used for a Scrappy Clip.

Parts Needed:

    • recycled wire
    • 2 small paper clips


    1. Cut the scrap wire to desired length (about one foot is preferred).
    2. Strip the insulating coating off the wire at each end.
    3. Wrap the uncovered metal end around the single-loop end of the paper clip.
    4. Repeat on the other side.

Alligator Clips

This is the most reliable way to connect your Bricks. It is also the most expensive. If you do want to purchase these please use these affiliate links: