Knife Switch

Knife switches are very cool. They are usually much bigger. You might recognize them in movies like Frankenstein or Young Frankenstein.

Parts Needed:

    • Rubber band

    • Brad paper fastener

    • Jumbo paper clip

    • Scrap cardboard


    1. Add a rubber band across a brick.

    2. Clip two binder clips to the rubber band and then have them stand up.

    3. Attach a paper clip to the closed arms of a binder clip. Poke a paper fastener through cardboard, then binder arm, then paper clip, then the other binder arm, then another piece of cardboard. Separate the the fasteners legs.

    4. Open the other binder clip and add a small piece of paper or cardboard to keep the arms slightly separated.

    5. Attach the scrappy clips by sliding them onto the black clip of each binder clip.

    6. Label.