How to Take Apart an LED

Taking apart an LED tealight is not hard. The method varies a little bit from tea light to tea light. The general gist is to remove the battery and pry open the case. Watch the video above to assist you. As a general rule of thumb, the cheaper dollar store LED tea lights are the easiest to take apart. The LED tea lights that are expensive are usually a bigger challenge.


  • Small screwdriver

  • scissors or wire cutters (possibly)


  • Open the battery compartment. You might need a small screwdriver to remove a screw.

  • Remove the battery. Set it aside for use later.

  • Use the small screwdriver to pry apart the cylinder housing from the battery holder bottom. This step varies for each different model of LED tea light. The idea is that you insert the screwdriver into a hole in the battery compartment. The screwdriver becomes a lever. The edge of the cylinder body is you fulcrum. The load is the battery holder. Using the screwdriver as a lever you can pop the battery holder bottom away from the cylinder body.

  • Often times the LED light is loose inside the tea light. Sometimes you might need scissors or wire cutters to cut one of the legs free. If so, you will need to watch this video to figure out the LEDs polarity since you won't be able to use the length of the LED legs.

  • Remember that you will need the LED, the 3V battery, and the cylinder body to make your Core Bricks. We have not found a use for the other parts, and would love to hear any creative ideas you have.