Get the Parts

Please know that these are Amazon Affiliate links. This is how you can get these parts in bulk for the cheapest possible price. It cuts out the middle man (us). For some of these items (aluminium foil, markers, an individual set), a trip to your local dollar store would be the best/cheapest way to get supplies. For other items (paper clips, tea lights, binder clips), Amazon would be the best/cheapest option.

NOTE: Dollar store paper clips are often made from a silvery plastic and do not conduct electricity.


These tools are recommended. Most classrooms will have many of these, so there is no bundle link. A cardboard saw is a great and safer alternative to having kids cut cardboard.

Materials for One Learner

Small Group Complete Set

This will give you all of the tools and parts needed for a group under 12 people. The link for LED tealights is for 36, because it was cheaper (and better) than any similar product sold as 12. Remember to save your cardboard box to use to make the bricks.

Small Group Bundle Link


Full Class Complete Set

This will give you all of the supplies needed for a class of 18 to 36. Remember to save your cardboard box to make bricks. You will likely need more cardboard.

Full Class Bundle Link


Other Bricks

Dollar Store Alarm (used for the Magic Wand Brick and Buzzer Brick)

Scrappy Clips

You will need 2 of these small paper clips to make a Scrappy Clip. This box of 100 will let you make 50 clips.