Magic Wand Brick

This Magic Wand Switch will use a magnet to pull a paper clip wrapped in aluminum foil to close the circuit. What makes it "Magic" is that the wand never actually touches anything. This brick could be put behind a piece of paper with pictures. When the wand waves above a certain picture the switch will close (turn on).


    • magnet from dollar store window alarm

    • aluminum foil

    • 2 small binder clips

    • 2 paper clips

    • popsicle stick


    1. Wrap a paper clip in aluminium foil.

    2. Clip the aluminium foil end to you brick.

    3. Extend one leg of a paper clip.

    4. Binder clip you paper clip to the brick with the extended leg over the wrapped paper clip.

    5. Remove sticker backing on the magnet rectangle that came with your dollar store alarm.

    6. Stick it to a popsicle stick or anything else.

    7. Wave the wand over the paper clips to complete the circuit.

    8. Label.