Buzzer Brick

There are two ways to make this buzzer brick: from a dollar store window alarm or with a piezo buzzer that in housed in plastic. If you're not familiar with piezo buzzers, I would recommend using the dollar store alarm.

Dollar Store Window Alarm Buzzer Brick

This is nice because in addition to the window alarm, you get a magnet that can be used for the Magic Wand Brick. Each dollar store carries a different version of this window alarm. They all are basically same, but the main way they differ is how you access the batteries. Some need a screwdriver. Some have the access in the front and others in the back.

Front Access:

Back Access:

Parts Needed:

    • dollar store window alarm

    • cardboard

    • 2 small binder clips

    • 2 paper clips

    • aluminium foil


    1. Explore how the window alarm works. When the magnet is removed from the side, the alarm goes off.

    2. Turn it off.

    3. Remove batteries from the window alarm. (If needed, open the case.)

    4. Straighten two paper clips.

    5. Use pliers to create battery-sized loops at the end of each paper clip.

    6. Wrap the looped ends in aluminium foil.

    7. Cut a strip of cardboard. It should be the height of one of the removed batteries.

    8. Fold the cardboard in a zig-zag or accordion-style.

    9. Insert the folded cardboard between the aluminum foil.

    10. If batteries were on the inside, close the window alarm. Allow the two straightened paper clips to hang out of each side.

    11. Clip each straightened paper clip with a binder clip to the edge of your cardboard brick.

    12. Turn on.

    13. Label.

Piezo Buzzer Brick

picture coming soon

Parts Needed:

    • cardboard

    • piezo buzzer

    • 2 small binder clips


    1. Poke hole in cardboard

    2. Feed red and black wires through

    3. Add binder clips to the sides

    4. Cut the wires so they only have a little slack and enough length to connect to a binder clip.

    5. Wrap each wire around a binder clip.

    6. Label the red wire side with a + and the black wire with a -. Note: A piezo buzzer has polarity and the electricity can only flow in one direction.

    7. Label.