Dial Switch

This switch is a creative use of the cylinder body to the LED tea light. It works because the aluminum foil on the cylinder can be spun so it connects each side or only touches one side. When it connects both sides, the switch is closed and the LED will emit light.

Parts Needed:

    • cardboard brick
    • 2 small binder clips
    • aluminum foil
    • paper clip
    • cylinder enclosure (from LED candle)
    • glue stick


    1. Use a glue stick to attach aluminum foil to each side of a cardboard brick. Be sure the two pieces do not touch in the center.
    2. Add binder clips to each end.
    3. Use a glue stick to attach aluminum foil to about 50 - 75% of the inside and outside of the lower edge of the cylinder enclosure.
    4. Poke a hole through the cardboard.
    5. Insert a straightened paper clip through the cylinder and the hole.
    6. Bend the paper clip. Tape it down or cut off excess.
    7. Spin to turn on or off.