LED Brick

Parts Needed:

    • cardboard
    • 2 small binder clips
    • LED from LED tealight


    1. Stretch the legs of the LED apart. Remember which leg is longer.
    2. Clip a binder clip around the the legs of the LED and piece of cardboard that is slightly longer than the spread legs.
    3. Label with name and write a plus sign near the clip for the longer LED leg and a minus sign near the other clip.
    4. Be sure to make sure the bottom binder clip arms are not touching underneath the brick.
    5. Label with “LED Brick” and the website URL: www.scrappycircuits.com.

Important Note:

  • LEDs have polarity, which means electricity can only flow in one direction. The longer leg is positive (+) and shorter leg is negative (-). If your LED isn't lighting, reconnect each Scrappy Clip to the other binder clip.