About Us

Michael Carroll and Chris Connors were invited by Eva Luna and Erik Herman who work with Xraise, Cornell University’s Synchrotron outreach program. The group's task was to come up with a electronics curriculum that ended in a student-build take home item that was under two dollars. Influenced by Circuit Arcade from Digital Promise and MakerEd, we filled our carts with junk from the dollar store and began experimenting. The result is Scrappy Circuits.

Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll is an instructional coach in the Abington School District (just north of Philadelphia, PA). He has a passion for low-cost, high-tech projects so ALL students can learn about making and science. Michael is the writer of the first Dewey Mac Maker Mystery called Dog Gone Dog. It's a story about Dewey and his best friend Ched. They are horrible detectives, but great friends. Dewey is a young inventor who builds gadgets throughout the story. They often result in the two getting into more trouble than finding clues. More information and instructions for all of the gadgets can be found at www.deweymac.com.

Twitter: @ScrappyMaker

Instagram: ScrappyMaker

YouTube: Dewey Mac Labs

Website: www.deweymac.com

Chris Connors

Chris Connors teaches new technologies and programming at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School.

Twitter: @connors934

Instagram: @connors934

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/connors934