The Scrappy Circuits Book

There is a lot more to Scrappy Circuits, and it can be found in this book. This website is a free preview of the Scrappy Circuits book.

Click the picture above to purchase Scrappy Circuits.

The full version has …

  • AMAZING artwork

  • More projects with the Core Bricks

  • Many more pictures to help learners.

  • More Action Bricks that buzz, shake, spin, and change colors

  • More switches that can be made to work with Scrappy Circuits that can be triggered by waving a wand, blowing air, tilting, stepping, and many different arcade-game-style switches

  • Bricks that can control the flow of electricity

  • Ways to make electricity for Scrappy Circuits without using a battery

  • Over 10 projects to make with all of the different Scrappy Circuits bricks.

  • A guide to inventing your own bricks and projects

  • Tips for leading groups making Scrappy Circuits

  • A fun and engaging background to many of the different scientific ideas

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