Light Sensor Brick

The word “photo” means light. Resistors slow the flow of electricity. So a “photoresistor” uses light to slow the flow of electricity. Make sure you’re in a well-lit room for this brick. Cover the photoresistor with your finger and watch what happens. Make sure to sand the binder clips to make sure you have a great connection.

Parts Needed:

    • a photoresistor (These can be easily found in a dollar store nightlight. Make surge it is the type that turns on/off automatically based on if it it night or daytime. You can also get another LED from these, too!)

    • 2 small binder clips

    • cardboard


    1. Disassemble the LED night light and remove photoresistor. You will be able to see it from the front of the nightlight. It will be behind clear plastic.

    2. Stretch apart the legs of the photoresistor.

    3. Important: Sand each binder clip where it touches the photoresistor.

    4. Clip the binder clips around the photoresistor.

    5. Remove the bottom clips.

    6. Label.