Baller Brick

For this brick you need to shoot the aluminium foil ball and have it rest between the two paper clips. Think of this as a mini version of basketball. It might help if you wrap some pennies inside your aluminium ball for added weight.

Parts Needed:

    • straw
    • 3 small binder clips
    • 2 paper clips
    • a few pennies
    • aluminium foil
    • cardboard


    1. Straighten 2 paper clips and fold them in half.
    2. Add two binder clips to the same side. Make sure they are not touching.
    3. Clip each folded paper clip in a binder clip.
    4. Bend them to form an open triangle for your goal.
    5. Add a straw as a backboard. Feel free to draw a basketball backboard on paper and tape it to the straw.
    6. Wrap some pennies in aluminium foil and then rumble up more to make a ball.
    7. Label.